Coach Training for Managers

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Leadership Development

Performance Coaching Training for managers and leaders in corporate and government organisations across Asia Pacific.

From our Singapore base, we equip Leadership Teams with performance coaching skills training geared to help Leaders in Global and Regional companies to achieve more through their people as they move through the leadership pipeline.

Business Background:
Our programs are designed and delivered by coaches with extensive international corporate leadership experience; globally and regionally in Asia Pacific.

Corporate Focus:

All our experience is in the corporate world. The application of coaching skills in job specific areas of corporate life is not an "add-on" to our program; it IS our program.

Cross Cultural Implementation:
90% of our coaching work is done in Asia. Individuals in client organisations are Local, Asian expatriates and Western expatriates. We are thoroughly versed in the complexities and differences between Western coach theory and Asian implementation of coaching. The course takes particular care to embed these elements throughout the theory
and practice components.

Job Specific Application:
Coach training schools provide an excellent grounding in the basics of coaching. And then you have to figure out how to apply the skills to your job. When you make the serious commitment to training as a coach you will be more immediately effective when you absorb the skills in the context of your role in the organisation. To support this, our coach training includes the conversational frameworks relevant to your job and objectives.

Skills Embedding:
We have a particular expertise in the transfer of skills from classroom to the workplace. We are frequently called in to organisations who have put their managers through a coaching skills program, and months later are not seeing any evidence of application or change. Our program pays attention to this. If you don't get the skills put into practice, you have wasted your time
and money.

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