Rapid Organisational Change

Section Manager

“The workshop was a very enriching experience… everyone in the division has a clear picture of the division’s goals and objectives.”

Department Head

“I must make sure my team understand my goals and it is clearly communicated to them I will use this approach in all future meetings with my department members.”

Division Director

“Communication, planning and teamwork are important aspects in our work and key factors to good leadership. I will follow through with my group to assist them with the commitments they made in support of the Company’s Objectives. Tony & Jun are friendly, firm and professional and highly responsive to my role… full marks from me!” 

Department Head

“I understand better how communication and problem solving skill can help me work with my subordinates. I will be talking to my team on our mission and helping them prepare to join me in achieving it.” 

Team Leader

“I must understand the needs and requirements of my staff and clearly communicate my mission. Tony & Jun have taught me a lot more to help me help me get through my job and life. Thanks a million!” 

Putting managers' coaching skills to practical use

“In Alignment of Purpose®, I learned how to state the “WHAT” and get buy-in and ownership down the organisation with the HOW.”          
Divisional Director
Regional MNC

Rapid Transformation to Organisational and Leadership Excellence

If you are struggling to get your Vision, Mission and Values to become exhibited as a part of everyone’s daily activity, this is the programme for you. 

Your Organisation Will Learn How To:

* Clarify Vision, Mission and Goals

* Get your team to buy-in to Change and Start to Create it Themselves!

* Enable Managers to be powerful leaders 

* Develop Managers as Anchors Of Stability to their teams

* Add a coaching style to their skill-set

* Get a Deep awareness of the Needs of Others

* Stimulate your teams to create new ideas, and OWN them!

Alignment Of Purpose® is a scaleable process and can be run at Company, Division, Department or Team level. 

Programme duration will depend on your objectives, the structure of your organisation and the number of people involved.

Sessions can range from one day to a full project over a number of months.

To get your team committed to making rapid change, now and sustainably going forward

contact us now to arrange a discussion.  

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