No Frills, Cost-Effective Public Sales Training

Sales People already know WHAT to do.
If targets are not met, they are struggling
with HOW to do it!

The 9 Actions® is a clear, simple, behavioural approach to selling. Which covers ALL you need to know for sales success.

New and experienced sales teams will breath
a sigh of relief as they get clarity on exactly
HOW to close more deals, more quickly.

The 9 Actions has been delivered as an in-house programme for local and multi-national clients for the past 10 years. Now available on public run in SINGAPORE for the first time.
As a behavioural framework it applies to all industries and markets.
Client industries include:
Automotive, Insurance, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Law, High End Retail, I.T. Hardware & Software, Property, Professional Services, Oil & Gas, Medical Equipment, Consulting, Industrial & Commercial, Semiconductors, Electronics

One Day Intensive Sales Masterclass
ONLY $200
We all know that times are tough and forking out large amounts of money is not possible in the current economic climate. AND you still need to improve results.
This is your solution.
Low-cost, no frills, world class sales training
 by international and local experts.
What do you get?
- Intensive understanding of The 9 Actions
- Practical exercises to apply the learning to YOUR product or service
- Workbook with notes and exercises to take back
- Sales Managers Coaching Guide so when you get back to work, they can help  you follow up and ensure you use your new knowledge
- Free membership to access online learning materials
Sounds great, how come the price is so reasonable?
You are spending hard-earned money. Every dollar you invest should be put towards the learning process. And it is.
We don't provide fancy lunches because...
A fancy lunch increases our overheads, meaning we would have to increase the price. If we don't have to provide lunch, it translates into direct savings for you. We choose our locations so participants have access to cheap food within a short walking distance of the venue.
We don't use expensive hotels because...
Grand hotel rooms cost money. When we use simple, comfortable function rooms, you save money. Our locations are always convenient and accessible, so you don't have to spend a fortune in travel expenses.
We don't offer group or early-bird discounts because...
We provide simple, affordable training. If we were to give discounts, it would mean we had inflated our prices to give "fake" discounts. We teach your salespeople a better, more honest way to sell; and we practice what we teach!
Every single dollar you spend is spent on
learning new skills to sell more!
Ask yourself this:
If your salespeople can close one more deal a year, will you make $200 more?
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Senior Trainer: Johnny Wong

A veteran of 22 years sales experience in Asia, Johnny has led sales teams around the region and set up and run distributor networks.
His industry experience covers Retail, Wholesale, Industrial and Commercial Trading. In the mid-nineties, Johnny established his own international trading company, importing products from USA, UK, Spain, Germany and Taiwan and distributing to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

He now runs an industrial nanotechnology company, which delivers nanotech coatings products through a global distributor network. Johnny is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hainanese. His linguistic skills, combined with “on the ground” sales experience, makes him your sales team’s perfect partner for expansion into the China market.

Designer and Trainer: Tony Latimer, MCC
Tony is a Master Executive Coach, working globally with leaders in transition to develop their leadership skills and enhance business performance. Tony is one of the few coaches worldwide and only 3 in Asia who have been examined and accredited by the International Coach Federation (the global independent professional body for coaching) as Master Certified Coach (MCC).

His background includes thirty years in Leadership and Sales positions in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific in Technology and Software companies. Always ready to challenge the unknown, Tony was the individual to “parachute into the dark” when companies were expanding.

As a professional coach, Tony leverages his extensive experience to challenge senior leaders and their teams to achieve astonishing results. His approach to coaching has an emphasis on results and incorporates a deep understanding of the individual’s personal context and who they are being as a leader. He has strong intuition and a powerful ability to help clients identify and remove self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.
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