Sales Training

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Sales Training
Regular public low cost sales training classes with local experts, Johnny Wong
and Tony Latimer
Live in Singapore 

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The 9 Actions®

A clear, simple, behavioural approach to selling. 

Sales People already know WHAT to do. If targets are not met, they are struggling with HOW to do it!

New and experienced sales teams will breath a sigh of relief as they get clarity on exactly HOW to close more deals, more quickly.

The 9 Actions® Coach

Performance improvement starts with Sales Managers. 

Imagine the impact of making Performance Management a One-Time conversation. 

Get every member of your team to deliver 100%. Turn good performers into Superstars!

Quantum Learning

Take Application of Learning to 100%

Six months learning and support for just two hundred dollars each!.

imagine giving the effect of personal coaching to each sales person without taking days off from the field. 

Quantum Learning delivers personal learning in topic-based 90 minute tele-classes for large and distributed Sales Teams.

With only one thing to learn and apply at a time, retention of learning goes from 10% to 100%. Sales manager support programme included.

The Customer Coach

The ultimate Relationship Building Master-Class.

Create fast, deep rapport with clients and dramatically reduce time spent to close the deals you can win, and get out of the ones you can't.

Do you need better sales performance right now

What would the impact on your business be if everyone on the team increased sales by 10%? You need simple low cost sales training that works in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, in fact right across Asia. Designed and delivered by people who have 20 years experience of real selling in Asia.

Innovative, behaviour changing and guaranteed to give fresh insights and new ways of working. . . with an absolute focus on results.

Einstein said doing the same thing the same way GUARANTEES the SAME result!

So if your team are not all meeting target, if you need a different result, you need to do something different.

Start by giving them free sales tips on a weekly basis. Our Really Big Impact sales podcast delivers short weekly expert sales advice which you can listen to online, or download to an iPod, iPhone or your favourite Nokia or other mp3 player.

The Sales Podcast with Tony Latimer


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With a large sales team spread across many countries, you need a cost effective way of providing constant learning and support, without taking time out from the field. 

Quantum Learning provides a team of 300 or more with six months of ongoing skill development for around $200 per person.

In high end selling such as Private Banking, the relationship is everything.

If your team are achieving targets, how do you get growth?

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