The Book Bag

The concept of the bookbag comes from the short story of the same title by W. Somerset Maugham, my most frequently read author in early teenage years and, I suspect, the origin of an ever growing desire to visit the exotic parts of Asia he described. Probably why I have now spent over half of my working life here since first succumbing to the urge to explore the planet in 1979.

I read anything and everything, usually several books at once. 

So for those of you who like to "sharpen your saw"; I will keep sharing the things that are currently influencing me as they go in and out of my BookBag which accompanies me as my coaching work takes me around the world. 

Tony Latimer, MCC
Master Executive Coach
Training Director, 
Asia-Pacific Corporate Coach Institute

Effective Coaching
One of the first books on coaching I ever read, and my dog-eared copy stays with me always. For those who prefer British English, this is an excellent exploration of the first level of application of non-directive coaching in the workplace.

Leadership & Self Deception
I gift this book to all my executive coaching clients. Leadership and Self Deception is an easy read, that will challenge your thinking about how you relate to those around you in your organisation. It also supports the principle we teach in our Performance Coach training for Corporate Leaders, that Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion comes into play in all personal interactions: 

Action and Reaction are equal and opposite.

Instead of reacting to situations you can learn to be aware of reactions that come up for you; and then choose how to react! You cannot change anyone else, you can only change yourself. And when you do, You change others!

The Leadership Pipeline
An excellent analysis of the problem facing managers as they progress upwards through an organisation.

Don't be scared off by the size of it, you actually only need to read the first twenty or so pages to get the message. And the book was written from the perspective of a very large company, so many of the levels discussed may not apply to your organisation.

However the key principles of leaders needing to change the nature of work they do, and value is critical. Leaders need to understand the importance, and impact, of moving away from being "the manager as expert" to achieving results through others. 

To explore more on how this works, check out our Client Resources articles.

The Answer
An unusual foray into "self development" books for me. Mixed feelings on this one.

For those who bought into the hype around "The Secret" (yes I know it was just a slick marketing re-hash of stuff that has been said before by many others, go read Wallace D Wattles and see how he said the same things about a hundred years ago) and were disappointed that it didn't provide any real "What to do next" this book has the merit of some practical advice.

Don't fall into the trap of believing it all though. There are some glaring errors which indicate the authors have some gaps in understanding neuro-science and just how powerful the human brain can be, and how a skilled coach can help you get through some of the re-wiring you need to do to really change your life.

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